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  • Where can I upload my list of participants?

    You can upload a list of participants for sending invitation e-mails to the survey participants in the survey itself in the address book under the menu item “Publish”. You will find the button “Import address book” for uploading your participant email addresses in the address book. First, open your survey and navigate to the menu […]

  • Can I design a survey so that it appears centered?

    Yes, you can use a CSS code to align/center your entire survey giving it a responsive design. This is a suitable design method, especially for short, compact surveys like employee feedback surveys. To center your survey, the following CSS code is available, which you enter in the CSS section at the top of your open […]

  • Guide: get paid through forms in HeyForm

    We recently updated HeyForm with a new feature that allows you to charge respondents when they fill out forms. The respondent (the person who signs up via your form) can choose to pay by Visa, MasterCard, or through the banks’ direct debit. Payment is made securely and conveniently through Paypal. Payments for your forms are […]

  • How can I increase the number of participants in online form?

    In general, an unlimited number of people can participate in your surveys but depending on the plan, you can only evaluate a limited number of participants/results. For example, in the Free plan, you can determine 50 participants, in the Basic Plan 500, in the Gold Plan 5000, etc. If you want to evaluate more participants […]

  • Google Forms, smarter organization

    Google Forms is familiar to almost everyone. If you want to conduct a quick survey or build a simple online form, any student knows how to tell you. Google Forms is so convenient to use, it goes without saying if you want to design online forms. But Google Forms is also limited in functionality and […]

  • With content to more organic traffic

    How important is SEO in content marketing? That depends on your hunger for organic traffic. But if you overdo it with optimization measures, you’ll shoot yourself in the foot. Organic traffic is extremely welcome because it feels free. So it’s tempting to publish a separate article on your blog for each long-tail keyword and optimize […]

  • 11 tips for creating pop-up

    With the following tips, your pop-ups will be a profitable boon: 1. Timing Pop-up windows should never be displayed immediately, but always after a few seconds or pageviews. First, the visitor must at least be made curious by your offer. 2. Frequency Repeat the insertion after every second or third return. Those who have already […]