Where can I upload my list of participants?

You can upload a list of participants for sending invitation e-mails to the survey participants in the survey itself in the address book under the menu item “Publish”. You will find the button “Import address book” for uploading your participant email addresses in the address book.

First, open your survey and navigate to the menu item “Publish” on the left; there please select “Address book” and then the button “Import address book”.

In addition to importing a more extensive list of participants, individual participants can also be entered into the address book – the “New participant” button is provided for this purpose.

For the import process, you need a CSV (“Comma Separated Values”) file. You can easily convert your Excel file or the address book of your e-mail program into a CSV file.

Each survey has its own address book, which can be exported for reuse in another survey. The LamaPoll address book offers the great advantage that so-called attributes (markers) can also be stored in it, which can be used in the result filters in the evaluation or in the control of the questionnaire.