11 tips for creating pop-up

With the following tips, your pop-ups will be a profitable boon:

1. Timing

Pop-up windows should never be displayed immediately, but always after a few seconds or pageviews. First, the visitor must at least be made curious by your offer.

2. Frequency

Repeat the insertion after every second or third return. Those who have already clicked on or are away from an offer should not be confronted with it again.

3. Design

Pop-up forms must look visually appealing and professional.

4. Offer

Offer something that matches the content on the page. If it’s the newsletter, point out relevant topics. Advertising must always fit the context.

5. Mobile

Think also about those website visitors who are on the go via smartphone or tablet.

6. Field Count

For newsletter registrations, it is best to ask for the email address only. Additional input fields significantly weaken the conversion rate.

7. Error messages

Errors should be displayed inline so that they can be quickly understood and the input easily corrected.

8. Personalization

Offers should be played out depending on the visitor’s click history or intention (e.g., search terms).

9. Optimization

Test new variants every now and then as part of an A/B split test.

10. Sequence

Present non-response pop-ups with alternative offers.

11. Analytics

Regularly determine the conversion rate of each pop-up. Which ones are clicked on in the first place? Which ones lead to conversions? Which ones generate the most sales?


Pop-ups are a double-edged sword. Used correctly, however, they can lead to noticeably more newsletter registrations. Important: Always make sure that the context is appropriate. Advertising that does not match the page content is perceived as a disruption.