Google Forms, smarter organization

Google Forms is familiar to almost everyone. If you want to conduct a quick survey or build a simple online form, any student knows how to tell you. Google Forms is so convenient to use, it goes without saying if you want to design online forms. But Google Forms is also limited in functionality and has risks for business applications. Especially when you consider how personal data and the new AVG need to be handled. At the very least you want to know where and how Mister Google stores its data.

HeyForm is Google Forms Plus

We also thought that an easily accessible software tool to build smart online forms could help many organizations with various business processes, such as with digital checklists and registration forms. The principles that Google Forms uses are the same that HeyForm uses. But HeyForm goes further with intelligence. For example, the form can be easily set up with a workflow or intelligent dependencies can be set up. Full integration with Excel makes it easy to visualize reports in actual dashboards.

Google Forms, nothing comes for free

The revenue model for “free” applications is data. We have seen this recently with Facebook! But let’s be clear, the software has to deliver something if you have to pay for it. HeyForm takes its name from its principles, the reduction of waste in organizations. So doing things twice, waiting for information, or making mistakes. And that costs a lot of time and money. That is why we can easily demonstrate that HeyForm will bring savings to your organization. Sometimes as an alternative to the many Excel files in your organization. But also by phasing out software tools that have been purchased for 1 specific business process or through smart connections with ERP systems so that fewer expensive ERP licenses are necessary. Because of the full scalability of HeyForm, we can be found from ZPP to SME.

Issues and alternatives to Google Forms

Feel free to Google Forms to learn more about the possibilities of deploying online forms in your organization. But don’t forget to go through HeyForm. We are convinced that it will provide new insights into improving the information provided within your organization. Want to know more, please contact us directly.