How can I increase the number of participants in online form?

In general, an unlimited number of people can participate in your surveys but depending on the plan, you can only evaluate a limited number of participants/results. For example, in the Free plan, you can determine 50 participants, in the Basic Plan 500, in the Gold Plan 5000, etc. If you want to evaluate more participants than your current plan allows, you can easily upgrade your plan yourself at any time. After the upgrade, you can also view and evaluate the results of the additional participants. You can call up your current plan (incl. terms, features, and details) in the tool under “My plan”. You will also find a link to an overview of all licenses & plan options.

By the way, every person who started the questionnaire counts as a participant regardless of the number of questions or answers given. If the limit for your plan is reached, there are no further incurred costs, and your survey continues to run, but you can only evaluate these participants.

You can find more information about these on HeyForm’s helpdesk.